Clojure in Eclipse, Part 2: Counterclockwise + Maven

This article explains how Eclipse, Counterclockwise and Maven come together to form a powerful Clojure development platform. it starts where we left at the end of Part 1: Maven.

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Clojure in Eclipse, Part 1: Maven

This post explains how to write and deploy a Clojure application with Eclipse and Maven, the build automation tool for Java that is bundled in the Eclipse package “Eclipse IDE for Java”. In comparison to other articles about Clojure and Maven, this article is Eclipse centric and task focussed.

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Cloud and NoSQL: A use case

This article is inspired by the many questions I see in forums about what is the best language, NoSQL database, or cloud service to use today. A frequent reply to these questions is “What is your exact goal and use case?”, which is something people often find difficult to answer.

I therefore thought that I would share my personal use case, and how I decided to experiment with Clojure, CouchDB, Heroku and PostgreSQL before anything else.

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4Clojure smugness

I cannot resist sharing how smug I feel about finishing the Clojure exercises at 4clojure. This has been the most immersing and refreshing programming learning experience in years. Well, Clojure seems to be doing this to lots of people!

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Opening Words

Dear reader,

I am starting this blog to share stories, thoughts and bits of knowledge with the wider IT and data science community.

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